Hip Pain

The hip is the region where the pelvis meets the upper thighbone on each side of the body. The hip is made up of three bones that are fused together. Its primary function is to support and balance the weight of the body in both the standing position and in movement postures, such as walking and running.

Hip pain can come from diseases and injuries such as Osteoarthritis, Urinary Incontinence, hip replacement surgery, nerve impingement, uneven leg length, joint dysfunction, hernia, incorrect posture, obesity and bursitis in the buttocks, groin or side of the hip. Infants and children may also have hip pain from diseases, such as congenital hip dislocations or slipped capital femoral epiphyseal.

Physical therapy treatments for hip pain may include ultrasound, stretching and/or strengthening muscles, education about posture and body mechanics, and pain management techniques.

Hip Pain Physical Therapist

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